Investing in a DUI Lawyer

When you are pulled over during your drive home after happy hour with co-workers, a birthday party with friends or a weekend barbecue, you already know that you’ve had a drink or two or three. There was something about your vehicle or your driving that caused an officer to demand that you pull over. You may not have completed an illegal turn, changed lanes without signaling or gotten into an accident, but the officer noticed you. You may have been swerving in and out of your lane, speeding far beyond the road limit, or driving well below the limit in order to be careful. Regardless of your clear speech or the comment that you’ve driving after two drinks before and everything was ok.

It is the officers duty to protect the general public, so when the time of day is during typical party hours or not and he or she notices odd driving behavior or notices the gloss and sleepy look to your eyes or smells alcohol on your breath or in your car it is their responsibility to ask you if you’ve been drinking and to test the possibility with road testing techniques and devises. However, there are two concerns with road sobriety tests. First, you may have consumed an alcoholic beverage four hours ago but medication only fifteen minutes ago that mimics alcohol on your breath.

Second, the breathalyzer is faulty and it can read a false positive under certain weather conditions such as extreme heat or mechanical errors. But once you’ve failed the road test, you will be taken in to your local police station for processing to await arraignment. And although this may be your first driving under the influence charge, this is when it becomes necessary for you to seek the legal counsel of DUI lawyers at Aron Law Firm. He or she can help you protect your driver’s license and help to reduce any fines and sentencing.

During this legal process it is never too early to seek the counsel of a DUI lawyer. The objective a DUI lawyer defense is to fight for your freedom and driving abilities. The DUI court has been coming down on DUI charges harder than ever because of the risk to others while driving intoxicated. An experienced and specialized DUI lawyer in this area will be prepared with a strategic defense to challenge the road sobriety tests, the officers’ recount of your state of mind at the time of arrest to insure that a DUI arrest doesn’t have to mean a lost license and imprisonment.