Filing a No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claim is The Safest Bet

Accidents, mishaps and damages can happen at any time. These mishaps result in injuries and wounds to an individual. These personal injuries might occur due to various reasons of negligence by someone. They might occur because a negligent car or road accident, or because of medical negligence, or because of a mishap at a public place, or even because of an accident at your workplace. If you have also suffered pain and injury and someone else is legally responsible for it, then you can lawfully file for a compensation claim with the advice of Jamaica, NY personal injury attorney.

Most of these claims are dealt by expert and proficient solicitors, who take care of the entire process and make sure that their clients get back the maximum possible compensation. However, a lot of times, the victims deter from going to these solicitors as they do not want to bear extra expenses and stress by hiring an attorney. But, that’s not the case any more, with the advent of no win no fee personal injury claims, you don’t have to pay anything to your attorney until they win your claim.

In the past, if the victim wanted to file accident compensation, then either he had to bear the heavy expenses of his solicitor, or wait to be entitled to get Legal Aid, which covered all the expenses and the costs of the lawyer. However, it was a long process and sometimes the sufferers averted themselves from filing any claim because of these complications and hassles. However, the no win no fee claims agreement has reduced all the hassles and errands. Under this kind of agreement, if you lose, insurance will cover all the expenditure and outlay of your lawyer and other party; and if you win the case you will receive 100% compensation and the losing party or their insurance company will take care of the expenditure and fees of your solicitor.

This system was introduced in the UK in 1995, with an aim to reduce the financial burden on the plaintiffs and to support the victims whose claims did not meet the criteria for legal aid. However, in 2000, the formula of legal aid was completely eliminated and stopped and now most of the personal injury claims are fought under this system of no win no fee.

Also known as the ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’, it is a legal arrangement, where the solicitor abides by the policy and regulation of not charging anything from the plaintiff, if he loses the case. According to this agreement, you are liable for the legal fees, if you win the case. However, the highlight of these agreements is that although, your attorney will be eligible for his fess and the success fees, yet they will all be paid either by the losing party or their insurance company and you will receive 100% compensation that you claimed for.

Thus, if you have met with any kind of accident or mishap and sustained any wound or damage, for no fault of yours, then immediately file for a no win no fee personal injury claim. It is the safest way to file for compensation, as you don’t lose any more money if you lose the case and it’s a complete win win situation, if you claim is a success.